BABY born Surprise Mermaid - Pink Swaddle

Type: BABY Born

Unwrap a bigger bundle of surprises! Now each adorable bundle of joy has so many mermaid-themed surprises inside! ! Give her a bath in her seashell-shaped bathtub to reveal her color change hair. Dry her off with her snuggly mermaid tail towel. Get her dressed in her cute mermaid swimsuit. And bottle feed her so she pees and reveals color change diaper surprises, and charms! Dolls are also jointed, so you can move her arms and legs. 


  • 20+ surprises with included bathtub.
  • Give her a bath in her seashell-shaped bathtub – cold water reveals her color change hair.
  • Dissolve seashell in water for a mermaid swimsuit surprise and 2 charm surprises • Feed her for a diaper surprise.
  • Includes doll with color change hair, 2 diapers with surprises, 4 charms, bracelet, swimsuit, swaddle, bottle, and bathtub
  • Cross-sell poster with birth certificate and games