BABY Born Surprise Color Changing Pets with 8+ Surprises and Bathtub

Type: BABY Born

Which adorable animal will you get, Unwrapping Baby Born Surprise Pets?
Fur, feathers, paws, or a tail? With a magic color change reveal!
A girl or boy in a swaddle to hug, Find a pet for you to adopt and love!

Unwrap 8+ surprises and find a pet for you to adopt and love when you unbox Baby Born Surprise Pets. Each Pet comes wrapped in a soft towel package. Unwrap it to find a real bathtub and your adorable, sleepy-eyed pet in a sweet, soft swaddle. Wipe your pet's sleepy eyes to reveal their eye color, and your pet's pacifier color tells you whether your pet is a boy or a girl. Unwrap your pet from its swaddle to reveal which animal you got. Will you find a puppy or a kitty? Or maybe a monkey or a llama? Give your pet a bath in ice cold water for an incredible color change surprise – the entire pet changes color to either a new color and outfit or even into a totally new pet. Use the included keychain clip to take your pet in its swaddle on-the-go! Each Baby Born Surprise Pet also includes a soft towel and an adorable bathtub you can use to bathe your pet. Collect all 18 unique combinations of soft swaddles and adorable pets.