BABY Born Surprise Cuddle Baby Pet - Puppy

Type: BABY Born
Unwrap a bigger bundle of pet surprises! Baby pets need love too, and these Cuddle Baby Pets are the perfectly cuddly companion. Feed your pet with the bottle. Then change your pet’s wet diaper to reveal a color change diaper surprise! Make your pet feel fancy with an adorable headband. Pet the super soft ears and tail for added comfort. And when your Cuddle Baby Pet has an ouchy, give it a pacifier and an ice pack to help your pet feel better. The ice reveals magical color change surprises.
  • Feed her water from her bottle and she really pees to reveal a color change diaper surprise when she pees!
  • Give her an ice pack and watch her magical color change surprises
  • Soft ears and tail for easy cuddling,
  • Accessorize with headband and pacifier
  • Pets come with soft swaddle, bottle, diaper, headband, and ice pack pouch
  • Cross-sell poster with birth certificate and games