BABY Born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise - Green Eyes

Type: BABY Born

Our adorable Baby Born doll is a toddler now; she's ready to eat solid foods and potty train! Feed her solid foods from the cute reusable packaging and help her drink from her very own sippy cup. Then it’s potty time where she reveal lots of surprises. She pees colored, glitter. And she poops surprise charms for you to wear! She's so cute and fun with her pretty, brushable hair, removable fashion and posable body!


  • The first ever toddler Baby Born Surprise doll!
  • Feed her the included white “food” powder and then give her some water from her sippy cup
  • Potty train her. After she eats/drinks, sit her on her potty to reveal surprise colored, glittery pee! And if you put the potty pods into the potty, a cute charm “poop” is revealed when she pees
  • Brush her beautiful brushable rooted hair
  • Adorable removable fabric fashion with shoes
  • Also includes potty, spoon, plate, sippy cup, 9 doll food packets, 10 potty pods with 10 charms, hair brush, hair accessories, pacifier, and charm bracelet
  • Cross-sell poster with birth certificate and games 

Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up