Yogarrr! Family Pirate Yoga Party Board Game

Type: Games

An all-new active, family game! Yogarrr! is the hilarious family game of pirates, parrots and yoga.

No pirates or yoga skills needed to play!

In this up-and-active balancing game, two or more players take turns balancing parrots and collecting doubloons – the player with the most doubloons at the end wins! On your turn, draw a card and balance a parrot as described. Then, decide whether to press your luck by drawing another card or stop and collect one doubloon for each parrot you’ve balanced successfully. You can try balancing up to six parrots per turn, while other players cheer you on (or heckle you)! Yogarrr! is perfect for both family game night and parties, and is fun for everyone ages four and up. A typical game takes only 20 minutes to play, and the gameplay is easy to learn but endlessly fun to play-- and fun to watch.

Includes: 6 parrot bean bags, 20 challenge cards, 60 doubloons and 4 eye patches. Get ready for family hilarity-- and finding your inner pirate -- with Yogarrr!