Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3in1 Backpack Bedroom - Tuesday Meow (Black Cat)


Na! Na! Na! Surprise Bedroom Backpack is a 3-in-1 fashionable, animal-themed, plush backpack with a cozy bedroom playset inside! Bedroom includes bed, closet, full-length mirror, storage, and more! Includes an exclusive soft fashion doll. 2 Styles available. 


Product Features:

  • 3-in-1
  • Backpack
  • Bedroom + Closet
  • Limited Edition Doll
  • Playset with accessories including closet, full-length mirror, and fold-down bed
  • 1 Exclusive fashion doll (articulated)
  • 1 Outfit and 1 Pair of Shoes

2 Styles: Tuesday Meow (Black Cat) & Aubrey Heart (Pink Bunny)