Project Mc2 UV Nail Maker

Type: Project Mc2

Use your cosmetic chemistry skills to design and make your own press on nails and show off your unique style! 


  • Use the scientifically formulated UV gel polishes to fill the nail mold wheel, put the wheel into the UV gel nail maker and in less than 2 mins you have press on nails that you can wear!  Add the included glitter for further customization!
  • Nail maker has an enclosed UV light to cure the nails!
  • Apply nails with included adhesives
  • Includes nail maker with UV light - looks like a cute purse, 2 UV gel nail polishes, 2 nail glitters, 2 nail design mold wheels, 2 design tips, 100 nail adhesives, 1 pair of tweezers, 1 cleaning tool.