Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise


Create D.I.Y. rainbow slime with Makeup Surprise! With all the included rainbow makeup and sparkles, you can customize your slime and transform it multiple times! Make white D.I.Y. slime, then mix in makeup (lipstick or lip gloss) to add color to your slime. Add scented pearls to slime for a surprise scent. Includes new cute, collectible lipstick character. Use included lipstick and lip gloss on you and your slime! 


  • New GOLD packaging
  • Now with cute character LIPSTICK to collect, for you and your slime
  • 10+ magic slime surprises
  • Use the lipstick top as your mixing bowl
  • Mystery scented pearls
  • Store slime in lipstick keychain
  • Measuring cup + new spoon
  • Collector sheet